Fuel and Convenience Retailer

One of our consultants has supported a global fuels and convenience retailer, training and coaching over 280 practitioners and managers in the period 2012 – 2017, delivering >$50M in annualised cost and revenue improvements. Some examples of the projects and activities include:

Customer Satisfaction Improvement at Retail Sites

  • Problem: Underperforming retailers with low customer satisfaction levels (<50%) in retail franchise businesses
  • Causes: Retailer staff recruitment, retention and motivation were causes determined by benchmarking best performing retailers vs underperforming retailers
  • Improvements: Staff training and coaching provided, visual display of daily customer feedback , monthly reward & recognition of best performing staff
  • Impact: Treated Like A Guest (TLAG) increased from 52% to 68%

Increase in Convenience Retail Sales in Eastern Europe

  • Problem: It was anticipated that Retailer Cash flow was preventing retailers carrying sufficient  stock of convenience supplies and that this was constraining sales. However, data analysis showed that retailer cash flow was not the cause of low stocks of supplies.
  • Causes: Retailers were ordering stock based on experience.
  • Improvements: A model of sales, stock turnover, sales margins was provided to retailers, territory managers and convenience retail category managers to enable ordering of convenience retail supplies to be based on actual demand and shelf space rather than retailer experience.
  • Impact: convenience retail sales grew by 3%

Retail Site Labour Model

  • Problem: Labour employed at some retail sites did not match  the sales transactions.
  • Cause: The labour allocation which was based on expected utilisations did not match actual utilisation at all sites.
  • Improvement: Actual sales transactions for fuel, hot food & convenience retail for each site, day of week and time of day was used to determine labour allocation
  • Impact: Labour efficiency increased by 9% in Turkey