Expert – Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Expert/Black Belt provides regression, design of experiment and data analysis techniques to enable participants to tackle complex problem solving projects that require understanding of the relationships between multiple variables. Upon completing this course (and Foundation/Practitioner or a previous Green Belt certification) and two successful improvement projects you can certify as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

During this one week course we’ll cover the following aspects of improvement:-

  • Using advanced statistical methods to determine relationships between process variables and process outputs to home in on specific improvements
  • Handling non-normal data using non-parametric tools
  • Using process optimisation tools to find solutions that can balance multiple output conditions and minimise the cost of change
  • Advanced solution creation & selection tools
  • Implementing more complex solutions
  • Process handover
  • Introduction to design for six sigma techniques to build efficient and high quality processes into a new process

At the end of this course you will be able to use advanced statistical tools to understand and utilise complex relationships between process inputs and outputs to optimise process performance.

You will see how to use data collected from the process to discover and quantify how changes in inputs affect the outputs for both normal and non-normal data. You will learn how to correctly use and apply the results to improve not only understanding of how the process works but also in setting the best operating level for processes.

You will also learn how to use experimental techniques to study the process, identify the factors and interactions between factors that impact the output the most and how to then continue to use these approaches to optimise a process. All this with keeping the cost of experimentation to a minimum.

We further build up your skills in solution creation and selection as well as additional content on implementation and process handover.

Also, as part of this course, you will learn the basics of design for six sigma techniques that help establish high levels of quality in process and product designs prior to launch.

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